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Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel-Gasoil

Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel-Gasoil

Safety Fuel SF5100

SF5100 DIESEL multifunctional and biodegradable diesel/oil/GNR additive according to the OECD 301F standard.

With its hydrocarbon-free formulation, it is perfectly miscible with biofuels and meets all the problems caused by modern fuels.

SF5100 DIESEL is recommended for all diesel engines and oil boilers.

Tested by UTAC CERAM, G&S Diesel is eligible for EEC premiums - operation sheet TRA-EQ-119


Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel-Gasoil Engine Cleaner Additive 

- Corrects the presence of water and limits the proliferation of bacteria
- Lubricates and cleans injectors, top drives, FAPs and EGR valves
- Reduces the presence of sludge and sediments
- Stops fuel oxidation and stabilises it for at least 24 months
- Optimises fuel combustion and atomisation
- Miscible below cloud point, even with biofuels
- Reduces consumption by 5%, CO2 emissions by 4.73% reduces all pollutant emissions: CO -13.43%, THC - 37.60%, Nox -7.66%, PM -11.12%
- Reduces clogging and smoke emissions
- Prevents filter clogging and solves seizure initiations
- Reduces unproductivity and maintenance costs and extends the life of equipment
- Preserves cetane ratio
- Improves cold resistance and defrosts diesel down to -7°C

Additional Information

  •  Dosage : Current: 1L per 1000L of fuel
  •  Preventive : 1L per 2000L of fuel
  •  Additivation : Pour in the SF5100 Diesel before filling to ensure a completely homogeneous mixture.
  •  Packaging : 200 ML, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L, 210 L, 1000 L IBC
  •  Easily biodegradable : Yes
  •  Tested by UTAC CERAM : Yes

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Safety Fuel / Water Removal

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