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Questions about Safety Fuel

1 . What dosage of SF5100?

50ml of SF5100 for 50L of Diesel/Gasoil

2 . Can I use Safety Fuel in an old timer?

Yes if it has a diesel engine

3 . Can I use Safety Fuel for any type of car?
Any type of engine that runs on diesel - gas oil
4. What happens if I have used too many products?
Too much product is not bad for the engine, but is not necessary. A dosage of 1/1000 L is sufficient.
5. Is Safety Fuel flammable?
It is a flammable product at high temperatures 65°C
6. When should I put Safety Fuel in the tank?
Before each refill of it
7. Can I put it in the engine of my lawnmower?
Not set if you have a mower that runs on Diesel - Gasoil
8. Why is the product transparent?

The product is pure, ester-based, 95% biodegradable